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Hipot, Flash & Earth Bond Testing

The Universal Electrical Safety Tester

The TestWorks Universal Electrical Safety Tester automates the process of electrical safety (or 'hipot'/'flash') and earth bond testing by controlling off-the-shelf instruments integrated into the system and automatically routing all high voltage and current signals to an industry-standard fixture interface, via a custom-designed high voltage/current switching matrix. In this way, a low-cost fixture can be built for each unit under test (UUT) or can potentially be designed to accept multiple UUTs from the same or similar family. This has the dual benefit of significant test time savings and, more importantly, ensuring that all required tests are carried out consistently.

Traditionally, electrical safety and earth bond testing is largely a manual process, with an operator being required to connect probes from a dedicated test instrument to the UUT, and then to manually run each test. Often, multiple points on the UUT must be tested, requiring the probes to be relocated and the tests re-run. The Universal Electrical Safety Tester fully automates this process.

The system is designed to be flexible and friendly for both the operator and engineer via an intuitive software interface, whilst ensuring that the correct fixtures, cables and UUTs are connected before testing begins. It is designed with mobility in mind so that it can be relocated to any production cell and quickly set up for automated testing.

The hardware has been designed with user-safety being paramount. A transparent, ESD-safe, dual-interlocked safety cover allows the operator to view the product and fixture from any side, and ensures that high voltages are never present unless the cover is closed.

The Universal Electrical Safety Tester has also been designed to allow external testing of products too large to fit within the system safety cover; through the use of a separate cable entry cover with an integrated coded magnet (which can be overridden under supervisor control), high voltage cable connections can be made to an external product.

Additionally, fixtures fitted for external UUT testing via umbilical cables have the ability to integrate light curtains or similar, depending on the particular safety requirements, determined from appropriate risk assessments.

Engineers can easily generate and edit test programs using the user interface provided. The system can be configured to store test results both locally and on a designated network.

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