RailSense VM1
Void and Temperature Monitoring System

A Rail Void and/or Temperature Monitoring System for track diagnosis and an aid to railway safety

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Void Meter

The RailSense VM1 Remote Rail Void and/or Temperature Monitoring System is designed to be installed on a rail network running rail in order to monitor vertical movement of the rail, together with monitoring of the rail and ambient temperatures, thus allowing under-track voids to be detected.

The measurements are logged in the device and are sent over the mobile phone network (other options available for regions that have no mobile phone coverage) to a secure server to allow remote web based monitoring of these logged measurements.

The monitoring of these operational characteristics, particularly the rail displacement during the passage of rail traffic, will give a measure of voiding and the maintenance requirements for the relevant  section of rail. The system also optionally monitors and records rail and ambient temperature.

The trending of the displacement data with time may permit the prediction of maintenance requirements or the imposing of speed limits on the relevant sections of the rail network.

The RailSense system is also available as a Temperature-only monitor.

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Rail Void Monitor Features

  • Single axis accelerometer-based movement sensing
  • Rail temperature measurement and logging (option)
  • Ambient temperature measurement and logging (option)
  • Temperature-only option available
  • Minimum 6 month battery life
  • Simple vibration and tamper resistant mounting
  • Robust carrier plate that can withstand contact with ballast
  • Secure communication of data over mobile phone network
  • On-Board GPS receiver
  • Automatic Wake-Up on the approach of a train
  • Alarm event transmission (e-mail or SMS)
  • Data time stamped & stored locally in the event of comms loss

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